Double Pane Windows Cost

In this article I will explore the double pane windows cost and where to purchase double pane windows for cheap. Read on and learn about double pane windows cost.

If you are interested in buying double pane windows, there are many styles for which you can choose from. It all depends on your needs and wants, because each of us wants different things when it comes to double pane windows.

So throughout this article I will be exploring the different types of double pane windows as well as the double pane windows cost and installation. 

What are the different types and brands of double pane windows?

Know which type of window you want!
A double pane window can increase your home's energy efficiency, and go miles to increase the beauty of your home or apartment. So do some research first and investigate different companies to see what is available and how much.


1) The double-hung - These come in the traditional ambience and has sashes that can either be lowered or raised up. 

2) The single-hung - These double paned windows still have the sash, but the sash does not move. These offer a cheaper alternative to the above option. 

3) Casement - These double paned windows are perfect for rooms with narrow openings. Plus the hinge allows for easy access. So if you live in a small apartment or house that doesn't have large rooms or the access is very small, than these panes could be the perfect fit for you.

4) Awning - These double paned windows are hinged at the top and they allow easy access so that you can bring some ventilation into the room. These are perfect for someone who lives in a place with short wide openings.

5) Picture Windows - These are some of the most popular amongst customers. These comes in all shapes and sizes and can't be opened. Picture windows are often used in combination with other double paned windows. And they are also good for those who wish to bring some natural light into the room.

For those of you out there who wish to have natural light and ventilation without having an opened window, these types of double paned windows are going to be perfect for you. They offer so much to the clients and depending on the shape and size that you want, they are can be pretty reasonable in cost. 

Just a quick side not here, these double pane windows can be bought with vinyl, aluminum or wood frames.

6) Insulated double plane windows - It comes in the traditional glass standard and it uses the dead air space. Think of it this way, there are two panes of glass and the gap in between is made up of air or a non-toxic gas. 

If you are looking to insulate colder areas than you may want to go for the non-toxic gas element. And for those that want to help the heating index, than go for the air element to fill in the gaps. But either way, when you go for any kind of double-paned windows you need to go for something more energy efficient. 

This is very valuable when it comes to the sunlight coming into and going out of the room. So choose a double window pane that has the correct insulation as well as fits the needs of the room.

What are the sizes, brands and double pane windows cost?

Double pane windows cost
Is the window brand important?
Standard double pane windows
The sizes can range anywhere from 28 to 36 inches wide. And go from 52 inches to 74 inches tall. 

Casement sizes
24 inches to 36 inches wide and 32 inches to 48 inches tall. 

If you are looking for sliding windows just double the sizes that you already have. If this doesn't work than you can always ask the person who makes them to fit the windows accordingly. 

Now these are just some of samples for double pane windows costs, but you will get the general idea. if you don't see any particular double pane windows costs here than contact the company that you are filling your orders.

Price examples

  • The Vinyl slider windows - 36 by 24 - it will be about $70
  • The Insulated glass wood clad window - 24 by 24 - it will be about $202
  • The Double-Hung Wood Replacement Windows 2' 11-5/8" by 4' 7-3/4"- it will be about $588
  • Architectural Wood Casement Window 2' 0-1/8"x 5' 4-13/16"- This will cost you over $1000, more appropriately it will be about $1010. 

The window pane costs vary in terms of price based on materials that are being used and the manufacturer that is putting them together. It also depends on the quality of the material and whether or not those materials are readily in stock. If they need to be special order than that can also raise up the price point of your window panes. 

Additional costs - be prepared

Is it expensive? It don't need to be.
You also need to keep in the back of your mind the additional costs. The additional costs can and will include installation charges and anything else that you may need. So don't just consider the budget based on the initial price point. Because you will have to put on a lot more. 

Your double pane windows cost will be very expensive depending on the job, so you need to plan your budget accordingly. 

Also do the research and investigate different companies that handle this sort of thing.

Research things like

1) installation
2) materials and manufacturer
3) the time with which you need the windows done

Keep all of this in mind when researching. And don't just settle on the first manufacturer that will give you the best deal. Shop around a little bit and see what else is out there. You want your double pane windows to be beautiful and yet insulated and structured well all at the same time. 

What about the installation?

Well that all depends on what you are looking for. Are you just looking for the basic set up or are you looking for something more? Would you like to have the best quality installation available? Or do you want to settle on something to just get you buy? 

These are all questions that you will need to ask yourself before you decide on what you will install. Now traditionally the double pan windows costs for installation can range anywhere from $200 to $400 a pop.
Now this can be a large amount, depending on your bank account. But this is also why you need to do some shopping around to see who offer the best prices, as well as the cheapest. 

Installation costs

Right here I will give you a breakdown for some of the costs that some installations entail. 

1) Double pane window costs---Materials used 
Basic- $206-235 
Better- $231-264

2) Double Pane window costs---Installation costs
Basic- $56-91

3) Double pane window costs--costs per inch
Basic- $3.93

Watch here about the cost benefits of double pane windows


How to hire a qualified, licensed and skilled finish carpenter 

To avoid some complications always get your job done by a qualified and licensed skilled worker. Your best bet is to use a finish carpenter. And before you decide on one go by the checklist and make sure that he or she matches everything and that he or she is genuinely bonded. 

Also ask to see a resume and additional credentials of their work. A genuine carpenter will not see this as a problem. Ask to see what jobs he or she has done, and than make a choice based on that. Make sure that their past experience has included double pane window work. 

Never, ever choose someone who has not done this before. By making a choice based on this it can also cut down on the double pane window costs. Someone who has no idea of what they are doing will genuinely try to charge expensive rates and dupe you out of additional money. 

Also make sure that you the work is being done properly. It may cost a little bit extra, but you also may want to think about getting a warranty to cover you for the first few years. 

Where can you get the cheapest double pane windows?

There are many places for which you can track down double paned windows. There is a place online called the house of windows. They have everything from double hung windows to picture windows. The double hung windows can go anywhere from $151 to $182. The picture windows can go anywhere from $151 to $164.
They also sell Casement windows and they can go anywhere from $313 to $512. Now this might be a bit more price- wise that what I initially mentioned above, but this price is more normal that you think. Being that the casement windows are offered in replacement and platinum series, this price range is one of the cheapest. It also depends on the size of the platinum series. The longer and the wider of the size, the more the cost will be. 


Wholesale Windows

Another place that you could check out is a place called wholesale windows. This site is online, but you can get exactly what you want as long as you are specific enough. Through wholesale you can replacement windows as well as construction on brand new ones. 

The best part about this site is that you can get a free online quote. Now if you are seeking replacement windows they will just custom fit the new ones into the old ones. With brand new ones they will also custom fit the windows to fit the area. But when comparing prices, replacement windows might be a bit less. 

Because with replacement windows half of the work is already done before we get there. With brand new ones we have to fit the area from scratch. And though they do replacement windows, they will not sell window parts. 

Window Replacement Now

Window replacement now, YES!!
You can also buy double paned windows at window replacement now, which is also an online site. Through them you can get a free quote from an actual contractor. When you go online to the site all you have to do is put in some information. Information such as the number of windows you are requesting. 

Also they ask if you are a homeowner and the zip code you live in. The will also ask what types or styles of double paned windows you are seeking and if it's going to be a replacement job or if it's brand new. Some of the styles they ask about are awnings, bay/row and sliders. 

Once you put in the information a contractor from your local area will be in touch with you to see how they can help you out. Another great thing about doing it this way is that you will save money. When you have different contractors in competition with one another to have your business, they will do what it takes. That means knocking off some of the price in order to do the job for you. 

Home Advisor

Another popular site to go to for these jobs is home advisor. They have many different types of windows especially double paned windows. Wirth this site they also offer free bids for the job. And this can go along way to reduce the double pane window costs that you may incur during this. When you log onto the site you just enter in your zip code. Once you do that you tell them exactly what your needs are. Once they see your needs they will fit you with the right professionals that will be able to do the job for you. Once you are matched than you start getting free quotes and bids for the job that you want done. That way they can not only fit you with the right contractor, but also one that will do the job for the cheapest price. 

Having double paned windows put in can be a wonderful thing, but also a very expensive thing. You need to make sure that you find the right place to go, as well as making sure it's the cheapest. 

Cheap double pane windows is not that hard to find!
Now the above are just a few of the sites that you can check out. But do some further research. There are also places like home depot, Hess windows and bucks county shutters. They have services in store and online, but if one of these places is not feasible for you to get to, than you may want to try online. 

Doing your research online for double pane windows cost, will also save you money. Because by going online you will be shopping for what you need and not what the sales person may try to get you to buy. Having a clear vision of what you are after from the shopping of the product to finding a genuine contractor, will keep things under cost. It will also ensure that the job is professionally done from start to finish.